How to Clean Garbage Disposals

Shared by Kitchen Crew @JustaPinch

The Just A Pinch Test Kitchen shows how to clean a garbage disposal.

Bernice Mosteller - over a year ago
Thank You for this video !!! It was very educational....I love the information..Definitely will try it !!
Leslie Lynn Gore - over a year ago
No sound,no video this happen when you guys are trying to show us videos on how to something.
Margaret Beesley - over a year ago
If your disposal has a removable rubber gasket, lift it out and clean around the bottom of it. There is a lot of yucky stuff there....
Diane Tietz - over a year ago
Video not working
Kellie Murray - over a year ago
I use orange peels after the ice.
Kristin Farrow - over a year ago
I just slice up a lemon for use like in water or on fish but, instead of throwing them away I put them in the garbage disposal and run it until they are done breaking down entirely. I do usually have to take a tiny bit out that refuses to go down, but it's chemical free and uses the whole product. Even the seeds go down. Limes obviously work as well.
Marsha Owens - over a year ago
Can't see any videos. Just black screen on all !!
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