pinch tips: How to Cut Avocado (Like a Pro)

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Thanks to the Just A Pinch Test Kitchen, you can easily cut an avocado like a pro!

Danielle Barlow - Aug 8, 2018
Actually, after you quarter it just peel the skin off starting at the pointed end of the section. No spoon needed.
Thomas Zelno - Apr 27, 2018
Do not think that its the smartest to section it with the knife blade pointed toward your hand.
Gail Stiffler - Feb 22, 2017
If you plan on mashing it, the easy way is after removing the pit, fold it in half lengthwise in your hand and squeeze it into a bowl. Voila! No spoon needed.
Carolyn Earle - Sep 16, 2016
Duh. They did spoon it out!
Susan Sackinger - May 24, 2016
There is a third quick and easy way that can be used when you intend to only used it mashed up. (guacamole) Follow everything through taking the pit out. Now just spoon it out and mash it. Simple.
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