Flour, Eggs & Breading Techniques

Shared by Kitchen Crew @JustaPinch

The Just A Pinch Test Kitchen shows how to properly bread chicken.

Mildred Kanning - Jul 24, 2019
What is the best way to do an egg wash for frying oysters?
Tom Bee - Jan 19, 2019
Teresa please don't do that landfills don't need any more garbage. Your grand kids will thank you some day.
Teresa Bartz - Apr 19, 2017
I buy a box of disposable gloves from the pharmacy, like nurses and Drs use, and I wear them while I have to bread anything. It makes things so much easier and keeps my hands clean. I just take them off and throw them away when finished.
Kim Martin - Dec 13, 2015
I am trying to cut carbs as much as possible. Is it okay to use almond flour for 1st step then use pecan meal as substitute for the bread crumbs?
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