Can I post a recipe that I didn't create... like from a cookbook or website?

No, because descriptions, explanations and/or photos that accompany a recipe are copyrighted.

With this in mind, you are welcome to post your adaptation of a recipe as long as it reflects your original writing and photography.

By posting a recipe and accompanying content on our website, you are representing to us that, to the best of your knowledge, the recipe and the content does not infringe anyone's rights, and are granting us permission to edit the recipe and to publish the recipe and the content on this website for others to use, copy, edit, and download free of charge.

Recipes Pinched from other sites using the PinchIt! feature are representations of the originals and will display only a portion of the recipe to folks browsing Just A Pinch. Each of these recipes contains a link to view the recipe in full on the website it was Pinched from... similar to how other social networks work. Follow the link or Pinch the recipe to your own personal Recipe Box to view the recipe in its entirety.