I’m having trouble creating my account. What’s wrong?

A few factors could be responsible for issues you may experience when trying to create an account. First, check that your internet connection is a strong one. Oftentimes a weak internet connection can keep the Recipe Box from connecting with the essential services.

Next, make sure your browser settings allow cookies. Cookies are small files kept on your browser that allow us to create, and keep you logged into, your account and to help the recipe box remember the recipes and folders you’ve saved or created.

Accessing the recipe box through a Private or Incognito browser session may also cause issues in creating or logging into your account. Make sure you are accessing the Recipe Box through a normal browser session.

The Recipe Box is built to work with modern browsers, so be sure you are using the latest and greatest. Any browser versions that are no longer supported by their organizations most likely will not work with the Recipe Box.

If you’re still running into problems creating your account, make sure you do not have any third-party browser plugins or extensions turned on that may be conflicting with your sign-up. Ad blockers in particular can keep many of the required functions from working properly.