How can I add a photo (picture) that I have taken to my recipe?

To add a picture to your recipe, you'll need to take the photo and then upload it from your computer.

To get a photo onto your computer you can email yourself from a photo taken with your smartphone. Send yourself an email from your smartphone and include the photo as an attachment. Then, open your emails from your actual computer and download the photo. Don't have a smartphone? Not a problem! Use your digital camera to take the picture, connect the USB cord to your computer, and the photo should download from your camera to your computer (the USB cord should have come with your camera when you purchased it).

Next, go to your recipe on that you want to post the picture and edit the recipe. You'll see Add Photo (under Images). Click on Add Photo. Then, you'll see Upload New Image - click on Choose File and choose the photo you would like to upload (from your computer). Then click Upload. If the image is OK, then click Looks Good!. You can add a caption to the recipe too if you'd like. Then, click Done Editing (at the bottom of the page) and you have successfully uploaded a photo to your recipe!

We know it sounds like a lot of steps, but it sounds scarier than it is. Any issues? You can always email and the lovely ladies will try to help you out.