Neon Lemon Aioli

Anthony Nicometi Jr


I Intern at a 5 star restaurant in my home town, and They really introduced me to how Powerful and flavorful Aioli's can be! This one is my Favorite! And a twist to one we serve at the restaurant. And its just 3 Ingredients!!! It's Delicious, and looks Breathtaking on any plate presentation, due to the color!
I hope you enjoy my Neon Lemon Aioli!
Now, a Fair warning, Your Aioli will look pale at first. But, the longer it sits, The more Vibrant it gets, (Refer to the Pictures)
Picture 1, is Lemon aioli right after Mixing, Picture 2, is after it sits awhile

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5 Min


2 Cups
hellmanns mayonnaise
fresh lemon
ground tumeric


1Step 1.) In a Large Mixing Bowl, add 2 cups of Mayonnaise.
2Step 2.)Cut lemon in half and Squeeze lemon juice.
3Step 3.) Take your Ground Turmeric, and Sprinkle on the top, Just enough too cover your Mayonnaise! Enough to where you cant see mayo anymore...But its not a mound. (Its a tricky thing to describe)
4Mix to Combine, and Your Aioli is Finished!
(As described above, It will Look pale, But its still good to eat! Though, If you allow to sit for 6 or so hours, you will get that vibrant neon yellow!)

About Neon Lemon Aioli

Course/Dish: Other Sauces