Praline Bacon, Egg and Swiss Cheese Sandwich

Leah Stacey


I decided to concoct a Breakfast Sandwich with my Praline bacon. I took that first bite and crossed my eyes it was so good. I looked over at my husband and told him I felt like I was cheating on him with this! He laughed and took a bite and said, " yes I can see that". LOL I hope you enjoy this cheating on your man (or woman) breakfast sandwich.

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1 1/2 slice
of praline bacon (please refer to my recipe link for the praline bacon recipe below in the directions)
2 slice
texas toast
egg, fried over easy
1 slice
swiss cheese
butter or margarine for toast


1Cook the Praline bacon according to the recipe link: Praline Bacon
2Heat a frying pan over med-heat. Butter one side of each Texas toast.
3Place both Texas toast butter side down in pan. Place 1 slice of Swiss Cheese on one of the toast. Toast the bread until cheese in melted and the bread has a good toast on the butter side. Take off the pan and place open faced on a plate.
4Fry an egg on med-heat over easy. Place the fried egg on top of melted cheese. Cut the bacon in half and place the 3 strips in rows. Place the other slice of bread on top of bacon slices to make a breakfast sandwich. ENJOY!

About Praline Bacon, Egg and Swiss Cheese Sandwich

Course/Dish: Eggs, Meat Breakfast