Nan's Poor Man " Ham" Salad Spread

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By nancy coe
from richlands, NC

Growing up in the country yrs ago, we made this and loved it; I just made it again and found it is still as good as when I was a kid who didn't realize she was poor because she was happy on the farm....We couldn't afford the ham for it so we used our version of the poor man's steak and ham...good 'ole bologna....Brings back memories of the 50's and 60's!!

serves a group
prep time 1 Hr
cook time 10 Min


  •   2 lb
    deli bologna cut in a chunk
  •   8 oz
    block sharp cheddar cheese/or a pkg already shredded
  •   6
    eggs, hard boiled
  •   2 medium
    dill pickles
  •   3/4 c

How To Make

  • 1
    take the bologna and shredd it up; usually I use a food processor but this time I used my grater and it worked fine with less clean up...Shred it in a large mixing bowl
  • 2
    Shred the Cheese to the mix; or add the pkg. shredded cheese
  • 3
    Shred the eggs with the grater; i found this so quick and easy; I use to chop my eggs for egg salad or recipes for chopped eggs but this time they just slid right over the grater and was so fast and easy..shred this into the mix in the bowl
  • 4
    Shred the whole dills into mix as well...
  • 5
    Add Mayonnaise to the mixture and stir well to blend it all together....adjust the mayo to taste; more or less depending on desired consistency...
  • 6
    Taste test to make sure it is good;))) Put in container in fridge to chill and use it for sandwiches... So easy and so I said earlier; it is my version of the poor man's ham salad and just as good;))))

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