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Winner for Monday, March 2

Dee *


Winner for Tuesday, March 3

Bob Cooney


Winner for Wednesday, March 4

Carma Owens


Winner for Thursday, March 5

M Stone


Winner for Friday, March 6

Winner for Saturday, March 7

Winner for Sunday, March 8

Winner for Monday, March 9

Ann Trembath


Winner for Tuesday, March 10

Winner for Wednesday, March 11

Winner for Thursday, March 12

sue brown


Winner for Friday, March 13

Winner for Saturday, March 14

Amy H.


Winner for Sunday, March 15

Winner for Monday, March 16

Toni Coon


Winner for Tuesday, March 17

PJ Jambaz


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Maggie M - Aug 15, 2022
No Kathryn, this contest began March 2, 2015 at 12pm CST, and ended March 17, 2015 at 11:59pm CST.

I am not sure why it was posted about someone winning back in March - this contest has been over with for over 7 years LOL

They are doing a contest each month and the way to find out about that is to just click on contests and whatever they have will show as the first one. Right now it is sign in for a chance to win a Vita Mix blender.
Straws Kitchen(*o *) - Aug 15, 2022
Winner for Saturday, March 14...CONGRATULATIONS Amy H.
Kathryn K - Aug 15, 2022
Is this an ongoing contest in 2022. I did not know these contests existed until today. That's my own fault because I almost always just browse & save recipes to my recipe box.
Nor Mac - over a year ago
Adam, anyone can enter contests on here. The day you join you can start entering contests. She already stated that she was with her husband in the hospital and it helped get her thtough some tough days searching for coins. I give her credit for finding all of those coins. I couldn't do it. Thst is a lot of work.
Adam Feinberg - over a year ago
no recipes and nothing on page.. joined feb..isn't that a lil odd that they won
Sharon Colyer - over a year ago
Carma did win for the day, on Wed., March 4th, besides winning the contest itself, for someone who didn't realize.
sallye bates - over a year ago
Greetings again, Carma. It's hard to keep a handle on things when you are nursing a very ill person back to health. Your priority right now is and should be your husband (and yourself).

Take all the time you need to nurse him back to health. JAP's not going anywhere. We will wait for whatever attention you are able to give us, regardless of how limited that might be.

I have added yo and your husband to my JAP prayer list.

Have a great Easter week. Love and hugs.
Dee * - over a year ago
It would be wonderful if more people like you Carma joined JAP. There are some very good healthy recipes for your husband here. Also anyone with free time on their hands, there are numerous volunteer jobs at your local hospitals, where you could make a positive difference.
Teresa G. - over a year ago
So glad to hear from you, Carma! I know what you mean about trying to come up with a recipe to post, which hasn't already been posted 100 times! Take good care and drop in when you are able. Hope your husband is doing better! :-)
Nor Mac - over a year ago
, Prayers going out to your husband. I hope he does well. I just had my father-in-law in the hospital and he had heart surgery. I'm sure you're going through a tough time right now. I hope everything works out for you and I wish you the best. We are all looking forward to some wonderful recipes posted by you when you have the time. Hugs
Cassie * - over a year ago
You're such a sweetheart, Carma. Praying for your husband and you. Looking forward to getting to know you as well. We could stand more wonderful people like you on this site. Hugs!
Carma Owens - over a year ago
Ladies, I love and respect ALL your opinions and support. There's no need for conflict or misunderstandings on my account! Yes, I AM a very new member (not yet a full month) and I AM very privileged to have a lifetime to get to know all of you!
So, here's my situation. I am in awe of the creative and cooking talent I've found here at JAP and am searching my files for recipes that are not already posted-- tough work! I am also currently restricted to the use of my tablet only, as the hard drive on my desktop is being replaced:-(
A lot of my time is consumed caring for my husband, only home from the hospital 2 weeks now, after suffering multiple heart attacks. But Cin, I promise I will be more active and do more posting as life allows! Right now, I can only say THANK YOU to you all for being a part of this site where I can "pop in" for encouragement or just a few minutes of respite every day.
Love, Hugs and Best wishes to all!
Nor Mac - over a year ago
Yes she is Twinkle!
Teresa G. - over a year ago
Carma is very new to JAP and is a very nice person. :-)
Nor Mac - over a year ago
Maybe entering the contest gave her a reason to get the premium membership. Therefore maybe we will see a lot more of her. Some people just may see on going contests online. Then they come in here to enter contests so that they can be part of JAP. I remember when I first joined I didn't know the first thing about this place. I posted one recipe and I left for an entire year. I had no idea there were groups etc. etc. etc. Winning gave her the premium perks. Now she can enjoy all the benefits of J a P. Welcome to JAP Carma. I hope you enjoy your stay.