Summer Ale Kielbasa Stew

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Serves: 6-8
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Cooking Method: Stove Top


8 oz kielbasa saugase, sliced thin
8 oz thick cut, or slab bacon, roughly chopped
1 vidalia onion, sliced thin
3 clove garlic, sliced thin
1 red bell pepper, sliced thin
1 yellow bell pepper, sliced thin
2 lb ripe plum tomatoes, rough chopped
1 c summer wheat ale
1 bay leaf
1 Tbsp paprika, sweet
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes (or more if you like it hot!!!)
salt and pepper to taste

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Maggie May's notes for this recipe:
Tomorrow is the first day of summer! In celebration of summer I decided to make my Slavic husband a very Slavic dish. A peasant dish actually that owes its existence to the spice trade through the areas of Hungary and Slovakia in the post-medieval ages. Paprika is the primary spice in this dish. It is hardy and heavy, highly acidic with a tomato base. Not to mention good and yeasty with a wheat summer ale. I used Sam Adam's particularly. The light Lemon nodes in Sam Adam's Summer Ale really compliments this stew in my opinion.
Once again; if you wouldn't drink it, don't cook with it!
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Heat a dutch oven, or heavy soup pot over medium low heat. Add bacon to pot and brown for 5 minutes until lightly browned.
Raise heat to medium. Add onions and stir with bacon. Stir occasionally until onions are lightly browned. About 5 minutes.
Add garlic, yellow and red bell peppers and stir. Stir occasionally and cook until slightly browned. About 5 minutes.
Add sausage, paprika and red pepper flakes. Stir and cook for about 3 minutes.
Add tomatoes and cook until tomatoes begin to break up and release their juices. About 5-7 minutes.
Add ale and bay leaf. Raise heat to high and bring pot to a boil.
Once pot has hit a boil, lower heat to medium-low again and cover pot. Simmer for about 20 minutes.

Serve hot.
I served it with toasted sour dough bread. The yeasty bread is excellent with this yeast inspired stew!

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user Stormy Stewart karlyn255 - Jun 20, 2012
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user Bob Wakeman Bigcatfish - Jun 20, 2012
Will put this stew in my camping folder for this fall. Whats not to like in this recipe.
user Maggie May Schill NakedMaggie - Jun 21, 2012
Thanks Bob. Hope it turns out good for you! :)
user Julia Ferguson judyjellybean - Jun 21, 2012
Maggie, This recipe sounds and looks so good. Will have to make this when the weather cools off. I bet this would be good with some cannelli beans in it and a big hunk of hot cornbread on the side.

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