Maricela’s Pozole

Renée G.


The recent wet, chilly weather has made me remember this soup recipe I got from a college roommate, at the University of Mexico City. It is so flavorful and warming. She served this with homemade flour tortillas. The number of servings has never been determined, exactly – everyone always has seconds; and if you do happen to have leftovers, then lucky you. It’s even better reheated the next day.

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3 lbs. pork meat for carnitas
1 whole head of garlic (just peel off the loosest paper and cut the tip off the point end)
1 large (or 2 medium onions, cut into chunks
1 large (108 oz.) can hominy, drained and rinsed
4 dried (guajillo peppers (reconstituted and seeded)
½ tsp. cumin
1 bay leaf
salt and pepper to taste
shredded cabbage and thinly sliced radishes for serving (optional)

Directions Step-By-Step

Put the chili peppers in a saucepan with water; bring to boil then reduce heat to simmer; cook until soft.
Put the meat, bay leaf, garlic and onion in a LARGE stockpot and fill about 2/3 full with water, liberally salted. I stress large stockpot, because this makes a LOT.
Boil gently 1 to 2 hours…or until the meat is very tender. Remove the meat and let cool a little so you can pick through for fat and remove anything unwanted.
Scoop out the onion and garlic; squeeze the garlic out of its skin and place the soft garlic, onions and reconstituted/seeded peppers in a blender.
Add about 1½ cup of stock and blend very well.
Add the cumin along with the pepper, garlic, onion mixture, the rinsed hominy and the meat back in to the stockpot. Let it simmer for another hour.
Ladle into serving bowls and garnish with finely shredded cabbage and thinly sliced radishes, if desired.
Serve with homemade flour or corn tortillas.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Other Soups
Main Ingredient: Pork
Regional Style: Mexican