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By Gary Hancq SidEFied

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I grow, dry and grind a variety of hot chilis/peppers each year, and try to include 7 to 9 different varieties. What I don't grow I purchase dry at the store and grind.

I normally give half of my supply away, in small quantities, by Christmas. They will warm a friend's heart. And the rest of them.

It's a great way to take a little "Heat" OUT of the Kitchen. If you comprenda? 1/10 teaspoon or less will warm a bowl of chilly to a nice comfortable average person's heat. A little bite at the lips and corner of the mouth and a slow "Keeps comin' on" warmth. With a depth and range of flavors.


7 to 9 varieties of chilis/hot peppers
brown paper grocery bags large/small
coffee grinder
jars to store

Directions Step-By-Step

I grow a number of variety of Hot Peppers each year, and have a couple of friends that do so as well. What I don't grow or trade I purchase dry and grind.
My growing list or shopping list includes: Cayenne, Tabasco, Guajillo, Pequin (Thai Bird Pepper), Chili de Arbol, Jalapeno, New Mexico Reds, Chiltepe, Chipotle, Serrano and any other "Hot" I can find.
This is a few weeks process. I place the picked peppers in a large brown paper grocery bag no more than two layers deep and close top, and set it in the corner of the kitchen or other dry place. I shake the bag every few days to reposition the peppers. Normally dry one variety in each bag. They're normally dry in 3 weeks. The paper bag helps pull moisture out of them.
When they are dry and crumble to the hand, I place in oven single layer, and further dry 2 to 3 hours at 170 to 180 degrees. I crack the oven door with a wadded dish towel to vent moisture. I then remove and let set a day before grinding.
What I don't grow I purchase dry at the store, including some dry Red Pepper Flakes we are all familiar with.
When dry I remove the stems and grind them up a few at a time in my Coffee Grinder, and place in pint jars and seal. I purge my Coffee Grinder with Salt or Sugar so next morning's coffee is not an inferno.
When all are ground I place in a large bowl and mix and combine well the whole batch. The yield this year was 2 1/2 pints of a little taste of "Hades". I have used or given half of it away by this end of February. I cut a portion of this with 50% to 70% Paprika to tame it down.

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Course/Dish: Marinades, Chili

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Gary Hancq SidEFied
Nov 3, 2010
Nicki, I buy plants each year. Cayenne, Tabasco, New Mexico Reds and whatever I can find, and grow them. It has been a few years since I have started plants from seed, but need to do it again. Just last week I visited the Mexican Grocery Store and bought a variety of dried hot peppers (5 or so different varieties) to round out my collection for drying and grinding. I normally grind 7 to 9 different varieties. They are at times potent and a 20th or less of a teaspoon will heat a bowl of chili to the average persons tolerance. On the other hand my hot chili pepper mix provides a full range of flavors, from sudden "heat" to a slow building of warmth. I normally give 2/3 of it away by Christmas, and caution those I give it to, to use it sparingly. I normally grind 1 1/2 quarts each year. It is a Treat. Happy Cooking. Gary
Nicki Metz crsphs
Nov 3, 2010
Gary where do you get your seeds...do you save them each year? My garden is doubling next year and I would love to add some variety of peppers! We only had jalepenos and some kind of chili pepper(that is very hot). My husband and I love all our food with a little kick! We also do a local market and a variety of peppers would be nice to add to our items! Thanks
Gary Hancq SidEFied
Oct 5, 2010
Kathy, thanks for the comment. I make my chili tame so 4 and 5 year olds can eat it. Then provide the "Heat" at the table when serving it up. I sometimes like it hot sometimes mild. Made a 4 or 5 quart batch four days ago and gave 2/3 of it to a friend. Just had the last bowl of what I retained yesterday. I'll be ready to make another batch in a week or two. See my Hamburger Cabbage soup also. A good chili alternative. I do not add chili powder to it but you could. Happy cooking, Gary
kathy young you
Oct 5, 2010
Thanks Gary,I plan on making some & making your chili too!