Squirrel Stew for a Crowd

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Serves: Makes 15 gallons
Cooking Method: Stove Top


70 squirrels, cut up
2 large stewing chickens, cut up
6 gal water
2 1/2 lb salt pork
2 1/2 gal lima beans
3 1/2 gal cubed peeled potatoes
4 gal chopped peeled tomatoes
1 gal cubed peel carrots
2 1/2 gal freshly cut corn
1 gal shredded cabbage (optional)
1 pod red pepper, chopped
3/4 c black pepper
1 3/4 c salt
2 1/4 c sugar

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Teresa's notes for this recipe:
Granny used to say this stew was a perfect way to feed a lot of people without a lot of fuss. A one-dish meal that will serve a whole neighborhood.
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Clean, dress and cut up squirrels and chickens. (If your hunter are not ardent squirrel hunters you can increase the number of chickens used. If using all chickens you will need 24)
Bring 4 gallons of water to boil in 30 gallon kettle. Add squirrel and chicken pieces. Cook stirring often, until meat fall off the bone. Remove bones and add remaining water.
Chop salt pork, fry out and add pork drippings to boiling mixture.
Add beans, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots and corn in order. Continue cooking and stirring until vegetables are tender.
Add cabbage and seasonings, and cook 1 hour, until stew is thick and flavors well blended.


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user Brian Matthews sparkalow - Jun 11, 2012
Wow that is a lot of squirrels!
user Sandy Mika mikasldy - Jun 11, 2012
oh no, next yer gonna post for bambi stew LOL
I think I might try it with maybe some pork in place of them cute little critters :)
user Sandy Mika mikasldy - Jun 11, 2012
some of those old cook books are just so interesting.
user gaynel mohler gaynel - Jun 12, 2012
Oh my goodness. you'd be days trying to get meat off them squirrels ( poor ROCKY ) Fun to read tho :)

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