Ann McCue Recipe

By Ann McCue salsaqueen


These are THE MOST addicting little snacks I have EVER had!!!! There is no way you can eat just one!!!! And so easy to make!!!

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30 oz
pretzels (2 bags)
12 oz
orville redebacher popcorn oil (usually sold in a 16 oz bottle buy the popcorn)
1 pkg
hidden valley ranch original ranch dressing mix
1 Tbsp
1 Tbsp
garlic powder

Directions Step-By-Step

put pretzels in a large container that seals well
Mix all other ingredents together
pour over the pretzels and leave on counter for 2 days. Stir occasionally. Pretzels need time to absorbe the mixture
ENJOY~!!!! these freeze very well!!!

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Other Snacks

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Colleen Sowa colleenlucky7
Dec 22, 2011
Ann.... this is really good! Thanks for sharing!xo
Loretta Jasper shadowbaddo
Dec 24, 2011
Looking good girlfriend....I will be making some of these very soon, I love pretzels, and this recipe looks great.....
Oh, just so you know, my gingerbread men turned out real well, now if I can figure out how to transfer my pictures to here, you can see what I did with Apple Butter worked !!!
Mary Rita Mary_Rita
Mar 2, 2012
how many points are these ?
Ann McCue salsaqueen
Mar 3, 2012
Oh boy Mary, have no idea but probably quite a few . I do use the old Dutch fat free pretzels for that reason and because they stay nice and crunchy!!! Moderation I guess!! :) I am in W.W. to so only TRY to have. Few but they are so good it's very hard. You could figure it out by looking on the back of all the ingredients and use your ww calculator. If I had all the ingredients I would do that for you but I don't. Sorry. :)
Deb St.Amour Deb614
Oct 30, 2012
Ann, When I read comments saying loved your recipe but, I made these changes etc... I cringe. And here I am doing the same thing, sort of.
I've made this recipe before with only a few differences. I don't use dillweed I only use a 16-18 oz bag of pretzels but with the same amount of oil and seasoning.
Ann McCue salsaqueen
Oct 30, 2012
Thats ok Deb!!! I like when someone tries the recipe the way it is written first ! but sometimes that doesn't happen!! oh well. I LOVE these pretzels!!!!! hard to have just one!!! thanks for the nice comment!!! :)