Sea Salt Chocolate Caramel Pretzels

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2 box pretzel rods
2 bag(s) melting chocolates
1 jar(s) caramel
coarse sea salt
jimmes and/or sprinkles

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Ashley's notes for this recipe:
My mom made some of these for her cookie swap one year. I love chocolate covered pretzels.
It's also fun to package them up individually and color code some ribbons to make them look pretty!
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Double boil the chocolates and dip the rods into the melted chocolate to that at least half of the rod is covered. Set on parchment paper to cool
Warm up the caramel in the microwave per directions on the container. Drizzle the caramel in fun styles over the chocolate.
While the caramel is setting up, sprinkle some sea salt onto the pretzel rod.
Don't use too much salt since the pretzels already have a decent amount.
Now add your colorful jimmies or sprinkles and let cool.

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user Ashley Dawkins TrashleyD925 - Apr 22, 2013
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user Bonnie Hawkins Jesusforus - Apr 22, 2013
Hi Ashley! I just saw this recipe and my sweet "teeth" jumped for joy! One question though...does the (jarred) caramel get hard, like, can you stick these in a bag without it running off? I do a lot of bake sales and these would be great. Thanks...Bonnie
user Ashley Dawkins TrashleyD925 - Apr 22, 2013
Hi Bonnie...yah, the sauce I used did, but I don't have the brand w/ me. (I just moved to Hawaii) I doubt they have it here. :/
I can re-do the recipe to use caramels and melt those down. Sometimes you can find the caramels that you would use for apples, that is about the same as the one I used in Rhode Island.
Good luck!!
user Bonnie Hawkins Jesusforus - Apr 22, 2013
Thanks! These are a Bake Sale Keeper:)

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