Best Flat Wrap Pizza Yet by frazz1es

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Serves: 1-6 people 375 degrees
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1 slice {per person} rectangle wrap(lavash flat bread)
3-4 Tbsp marinara sauce
1 oz parmigiano-reggiano, grated
1-2 handful of shredded mozzerella
1-2 pinch of favorite seasonings
6 slice of pepperoni
1 oz more of grated cheese

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Joyce De Angelis Recipe
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Joyce's notes for this recipe:
Use as appys use for afternoon snack or midnite snack it has less calories then reg pizza and only 6 items or less all in your fridge ~~~~ enjoy~~~
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Lay flat 1 wrap place evenly placed sauce on entire wrap leaving a thumbprints width of an edgeshake grated cheese on then place mozzerella on top to your liking then place more grate cheese add pepperoni slices on top and whatever seasoning you like and bake
If using for appetizer just cut each wrap into 8 pieces when finished cooking
Add different toppings and explore the possibilities


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user Randi Stevenson Sleever - Jun 19, 2012
Joyce - what is a rectangle wrap?
user Joyce De Angelis frazz1es - Jun 19, 2012
i call it a rectangle shaped wrap( for wrap/sandwiches) however in trader joe stores they are called lavash flat bread.. not too many trader joes in new york on long island and i am not sure about the rest of the country however it seems i can only find them so far there.. i say rectangle because that is the shape but if you use any other wrap, i am sure, although i have never tried, it would be just as good... just watch timing... the crunchier the edges the better for us.
user Randi Stevenson Sleever - Jun 21, 2012
Thanks! We are getting a Trader Joes close to our house in September. I'm very happy about that as I love to shop there!!
user Joyce De Angelis frazz1es - Jun 22, 2012
until then, you may be able to use just a flat wrap of any flavor, just watch the timing on cooking.. but enjoy

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