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DONNA's Story

My family loves boiled peanuts--and because I have a large family, they are expensive to but! This is an easy recipe, very inexpensive--and freezes well.


2 lb
raw peanuts in shell(dry or green)
1/2 c
table salt

Directions Step-By-Step

Rinse peanuts in colander. Place in Large(family-size) slow cooker. Pour salt over peanuts. Add water to just cover peanuts. Place lid on Slow-cooker. Set on HigH.
Cook 12-15 hours--depending on how soft you like your peanuts. I fix my Late afternoon/early evening, and they are usually ready the next morning. ***You may need to add additional water during the cooking time--watch to see if too dry. Often, after cooking all night, I will set the cooker to low/keep warm, and the family will nibble on them as they choose during the day.
Drain and freeze in zip lock bags, if desired.

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    FREDA GABLE cookin4me - Oct 18, 2010
    Oh My. . . I have only been able to Find "Boiled Peanuts" in the South. and as You might think, I do Load up on them when I get to Visit N Georgia, My home state. But Never knew I could Freeze them. Geez, I might not thave to go all the way to Georgia now to get my Peanuts. Great to Have this recipe.
  • user
    Shirley Makekau tutuwoman - Oct 19, 2010
    Freda, I too was looking around the stores here for boiled peanuts or raw peanuts to boil but didn't find any. Geez, even in Hawaii the stores carried boiled peanuts!! I want some boiled peanuts!!! LOL At least you can get to GA to taste some! I didn't know they could be frozen myself.
  • user
    FREDA GABLE cookin4me - Oct 19, 2010
    I wonder if the Flavor and texture stays the same after being frozen?? Is my Next Question.
  • user
    DONNA RIVERS dmrcfield - Oct 21, 2010
    Sorry to be slow to answer the question on flavor and texture of the frozen boiled peanuts. Yes--exact same! Can be thawed, eaten cold, or heated and kept warm in a slow-cooker on low/warm(add little plain water to prevent from drying out. My mother did this with the peanuts cooked the long way...outside, etc. I have frozen the slow cooker peanuts; just as good as fresh cooked.
  • user
    Jenny Morrell redladycooking - Feb 21, 2011
    Thanks Donna, I'm just down the road from you in "Middendorf" just between Patrick and McBee. I too freeze my boiled peanuts but after cooking them the long way outside with the big cooker. I'm going to use your slow cooker method!!! Sounds great for warming and munching as well.