quick and easy pepperoni melts

victoria omdahl


supper quick and yummy. great for midnight snack.

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as many as you want


5 Min


1 pkg
your favoite cracker. i like ritz and saltines
1 pkg
your favorite sliced cheese. i like chedder
1 pkg
pepperoni slices

Directions Step-By-Step

I would suggest at least four per person. more can be made in a snap. but for direction sake we can start with serving 1
take a microwave safe plate. put four crackers on the plate. place one or two pieces of pepperoni on each cracker. take a piece of cheese from the package and fold in half. then fold in half again. this should give you four equal squares.
place on top of the pepperoni. put into the microwave for 20 seconds. let cool. for just for a moment. you gotta let the cheese set or its a melted mess and could burn you. once the cheese cools enjoy. all in all takes less then 5 min.
its best to cook four at a time as when i tried to cook 6 it seemed that the cheese doesn't seem to melt all the way.
don't be afraid to get creative. the possibilities are endless. makes a great midnight or anytime snack.

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