Southern Fried Cabbage

Cecilia Rowe Recipe

By Cecilia Rowe roweonthego


This is my absolute favorite way to prepare and serve cabbage...only downfall to this recipe is that you can't really control the heat factor! Depending on the season and whether or not the peppers received rain or not determines how hot or mild your dish is, so I only chop 2 jalapenos for this recipe and seed most of them out so the kiddos can get their veggie too


head of cabbage
6 slice
1 small
jalapeno peppers-chopped
salt and pepper to taste

Directions Step-By-Step

Fry your (6)bacon slices; while bacon frys, core your cabbage and chop onions and cabbage. Remove bacon from pan and sit aside on paper towel to drain.
add chopped onions to bacon drippings in skillet and saute'. Add your chopped cabbage and stir up well coating with onions and bacon drippings. Place lid on cabbage and reduce heat to simmer.
chop (2)jalapenos (you may use more or less and you have the option of seeding before chopping). Add your jalapenos to cabbage mixture in skillet, crumble your bacon that was set aside earlier and add to skillet then salt and pepper to taste (I use a lot of pepper at this point-everything is covered)stir together and recover with lid.
Your cabbage does not need any water added to skillet and it will cook down so don't be alarmed if your skillet looks super full. You only need to cook this until don't want to cook all the nutrients out. Don't forget to stir this well, you don't want any cabbage or onion pieces getting burned left on bottom.
Best served hot, but left overs the next day are delicious as well...just a bit warmer as they have sat together overnight! Enjoy, this is a wonderful side dish to just about any meal, but my favorite is meatloaf and brisket!

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Charlene Young yrekachick
Mar 16, 2015
I have made fried cabbage, bacon & onion several times ... recipe was on my sister's FB page ... it is delicious .... hot or cold ... I saw a recipe using some sugar, but, in my opinion, sugar is not needed .... before learning of this recipe I had only eaten cabbage with corned beef or kielbasa & cold slaw .... this will be a regular dish in our house ... but no "hot peppers" for me (lol)
Susan Feliciano frenchtutor
Jan 7, 2012
Okra salad is something I've not heard of before - hope it's also a winner. I love okra.
You have a picture to post of yourself and/or your family?
Kristi Luce thisgrandmascookin
Jan 7, 2012
oh yeah Cecilia, you need to post your fried cabbage and okra salad for us....pretty please :)
Cecilia Rowe roweonthego
Jan 7, 2012
@ Susan the pictures look beautiful, I'm so glad that you all enjoyed it! My husband doesn't think it is Thanksgiving or Christmas until the fried cabbage and okra salad have been placed on the table! I will post the okra salad later on, when I have a moment. I am trying some new things tonight and tomorrow in sweets for my son who will be 11 yrs old and then Monday we will be having a party too and more cooking! LOL
Kristi Luce thisgrandmascookin
Jan 7, 2012
I haven't had it with Jalapenos before, but sounds like an amazing addition. Saved!