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By Peggi Anne Tebben cookiequeen


I have been frying this since I could reach the stove. It was always a staple in our home.
We grew yellow, crook neck squash for years growing up & then later on, but when they came out with yellow straight neck, it was much better, because when you pick it, the neck doesn't break as easily.
Towards the end of growing season, I bread up several trays of this & single freeze it on cookie sheets & then store in gallon ziplock freezer bags for all winter. Then just fry as normal, being careful not to throw too many of the frozen ones in at one time, as it will cool your grease down & they will not come out as good.
I hope you enjoy as much as we do.


1 egg
1 1/2 cup milk
flour for breading
salt & pepper
canola oil for frying
yellow straight neck or crook neck squash

Directions Step-By-Step

Choose young paler yellow squash that has dropped the bloom.

Older, darker yellow squash will be tougher & more seedier.
Slice yellow squash, with skin on, about 3/16" thick.
Mix the egg & milk & then drop in the sliced squash.
With flour in another bowl or using your batter pro, dredge in flour, making sure you pat it on to make it adhere to squash good.If using batter pro, no need to pat it on.
Squash is now ready to fry.
Heat about 2" canola oil in cast iron skillet or dutch oven.
Drop squash, one at a time into hot oil, turning only once when the first side is browned.
Let the second half brown & get crispy.
Remove from skillet & place on paper towels to drain. As soon as you take it out, while still hot, salt & pepper it. Cover with another paper towel while you finish the rest of it.
Goes good with anything.
Another way we do this is to bread it as mentioned & then lay it in layers in a pan like fried potatoes & let it crust on bottom before you start turning it over in the pan. It kind of steams it too. It's like cooking fried potatoes.

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Bennie Shaw mamabennie
Jan 9, 2015
I tried this recipe and say it's Family Tested & Approved!
Bennie Shaw mamabennie
Jan 9, 2015
Peggy we to have been frying this squash for years on end but we slice it long ways (using the short squash). Looks kinda like a fish and doesn't take near as long to fry. Love, love, love fried squash!!!
Peggi Anne Tebben cookiequeen
Jan 9, 2015
Glad you liked it Sharen.
Sharen Ewing Sharen_Ewing
Jan 3, 2015
Made this for dinner. Very good ,and I'm freezing the uncooked extras for another night . Good use of yellow squash.
Peggi Anne Tebben cookiequeen
Jul 29, 2012
Connie, where's your picture? LOL! Hope you enjoyed this. Please rate with the star system if you don't mind & thank you.