Ultimate Skillet Potatoes

Nick Iodice


My wife talked about her fond memories of her Grandfather's skillet potatoes. He'd use a cast iron pan and basically forget about the potatoes cooking so they were always extra crunchy. I figured they sounded good, but could be elevated!

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40 Min
1 Hr 30 Min
Pan Fry


3 lb
idaho potatoes
sweet potato
large sweet onion
red bell pepper
5 clove
8 oz
8 oz
*optional baby brussel sprouts
8 oz
shitake mushrooms
4 Tbsp
kosher salt
4 tsp
black pepper
1/2 c
vegetable/canola oil


1Cut up bacon @ 1/2" wide. Thin slice onions, medium thick slice the Red Bell Peppers, chop up mushrooms, peel and chop garlic (If adding alternate veg, i.e. Brussel Sprouts, prep now). Peel Potatoes and set aside.
2Preheat Cast Iron Skillet- High Heat (normal pan will work, but everyone should own a cast iron skillet, they're very affordable at Cabelas) add Vegetable/Canola Oil to lightly cover pan
3Add Bacon to pan, get browned, add onions, Bell Pepper, Mushrooms and garlic. Season with 1 tbl kosher salt and 2 tsp Black Pepper. Regularly mix/stir.
4Slice up Potatoes. Random thicknesses from wafer thin to max 1/4" thick. Why random thickness? The thicker slices will get tasty and crunchy, the thinner slices will turn into this wonderful "smoosh" that brings all the flavors together.
5Once veg mix "goes limp" and gets some good color, remove and set aside.
Bring pan back up to temp and add some more vegetable oil.
Preheat oven to 400
6Add Potatoes, season with 1 tbl kosher salt and 2 tsp Black Pepper and mix through. The KEY to this recipe is after the seasoning is mixed in...LEAVE IT ALONE, the goal is to get a nice golden crust on the potatoes. Wait a good 3-4 minutes before checking. Once you see golden brown, flip and repeat.
7Once you have good color add vegetables & bacon and mix through. Put entire pan in oven for @ 30 minutes, until thickest potatoes are tender.
8Remove from oven and enjoy! Goes great with ANY beef, Pork or chicken!

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Main Ingredient: Potatoes
Regional Style: American
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