Yoshiharu Sogi Recipe

My Family’s Memory “Maze-gohan”

By Yoshiharu Sogi yswinedaisuki

This is a family's recipe an heirloom handed down from generation to generation.

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2 c
short grain rice
2 c
brown rice
4 1/2 c
8 oz
carrots, julienne strips
5 oz
burdock root, shaving cut
2 oz
shiitake mushroom, sliced
1 can(s)
bamboo shoots, boiled, sliced
1 pkg
konnyaku, bar rectangles
1 pkg
hijiki, soak hijiki in lukewarm water for 30 minutes, then drain.
2 oz
dried kelp, soak dried kelp in lukewarm water for 30 minutes, then drain.
1 can(s)
inari-age, fried soy bean’s curd seasoned with soy sauce, sliced, save juice for sauce.
2 Tbsp
sesame seeds
1/3 c
1/2 c
soy sauce
2 Tbsp
1 Tbsp
vegetable oil
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Directions Step-By-Step

Place rice in a bowl, add ample water, sir quickly, and discard the cloudy water immediately.
Repeat until water is almost clear.
Drain in a sieve, and let stand for 30 minutes so rice absorbs moisture.
Transfer rinsed rice from sieve to rice cooker, add water, following machine’s measure, and start cooking.
Let stand for 10 minutes.
Heat large skillet medium heat, put in vegetable oil. Add carrot, burdock root, shiitake mushroom, bamboo shoots, konnyaku, hijiki, kelp and inari-age cook 4-5 minutes.
Add sake and mirin, bring to a boil, add soy sauce and inari-age juice and bring back to boil until water (sauce) is almost gone.
Place large bowl, combine hot rice and stuffing, and mix well.
Serve in rice bowls with sesame seeds sprinkled on top.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Rice Sides