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Potato Soup

By Esther Hardman hadassah45

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4 people
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Esther's Story

Once the potato was introduced to the Eastern Europeans there was no going back. Easy to grow and filling. There was always plenty of milk because fortunately Eastern Europeans kept cows, no shortage of milk.
My Mom loved her potatoes. Sometimes that is all she would wanted and I happily obliged. At the time, her mind was back in the 30's when in Brooklyn starvation was something you lived with. Potatoes are not fancy and I sometimes get very sad thinking about how she must have suffered.


3 Tbsp
2 c
onions, finely chopped
1 c
celery, diced
2 lb
potatoes, peeled and cut into ½-inch cubes
6 c
2 Tbsp
pearl barley, uncooked
1 c
whole milk or half and half
2 tsp
¼ tsp
ground white pepper

Directions Step-By-Step

In a large saucepan, melt butter over medium heat and saute' onions until golden, about 10 minutes.
Add the celery, potatoes, salt, water and barley. Bring to a boil over medium heat and boil vigorously, partially covered, for 30 minutes. The potatoes and barley should be tender. Using a potato masher,mash the potatoes in pot to add some thickening. Add the milk or cream and stir well. Adjust your salt. Stir in pepper and heat to simmer.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Soups, Potatoes, Vegetable Soup
Hashtag: #potato

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Katherine Hughes Binah
Sep 10, 2012
Wonderful recipe and it also reminds me of the potato soup my mother used to make, I also miss mine very much :(
Thank you for sharing.
Lynda Wilczak LyndaW
Jun 28, 2012
Barley? what a wonderful idea! I will buy some and make your recipe!
My father grew up during the depression next to the stockyards in Chicago. One recipe my Busha made was potato soup and homemade potato bread. I wish I had her recipes! God Bless!
Donna Woodford DiabeticDonna2
Oct 30, 2011
This potato soup recipe sounds great and I still have the opportunity to add other veggies. Thank you for your recipe.
Renee Marcinkoski ReneeM
Oct 18, 2011 your story.
Esther Hardman hadassah45
Oct 18, 2011
And you know you can put all kinds of stuff it. I have fresh parsley and chives still in the garden, all kinds of things. It is a good base recipe.