Mealed Fried Potatoes

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3-4 medium new red potatoes
1 1/2 c corn meal
pinch flour, salt,pepper
1-2 c vegetable oil

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Janice's notes for this recipe:
My mother would never have fried catfish at our house without frying mealed new red potatoes. We love southern cooking and we love fried fish especially catfish at my house. So now since we have pretty much perfected her recipe (but you know it's still not as good as mama's)we too are having mealed potatoes with our fried catfish. My husband cooks too so he cooked them just the other night with fried catfish!
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Peel and cut potatoes into french fries. Wash potatoes and make sure they are dry and not real wet. It is ok to have them a little wet but if too wet the cornmeal will not stay on them.
Mix cornmeal, flour, pepper, salt in a bowl. Then mix potatoes in it. Drop them in hot bubbly oil (we use a fry daddy). They should be covered in oil. Turn them as you see fit and when they brown take them up and drain on a paper towel. We like pepper so season them again with pepper and salt.
Just a is only my husband and I at home so when our children are home we cut up more potatoes. My husband likes to fry them in the same oil that he has fried the fish in because he swears it cleans the grease! Not sure about mother never did this and hers were perfectlly colored and so good. Another thing we use self-rising flour and corn meal because my mother did but it may not make a difference. So easy and so good!

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