Breakfast Nom Nom Recipe

Breakfast Nom Nom

Michelle Koletar/Mertz


I saw a diner cook on TV do something similar to this & thought it sounded great -- a mash of yummy breakfast stuff. Made this last week, & it is absolutely delish!!!!
I used leftover spicy smoked sausage from one night's dinner. If you use a mild sausage, you may want to add a splash of hot sauce, if you like a kick.
Even for the tomato haters (like my daughter), the tomato really adds a lot to this, so I would go ahead & use it. I don't think they'll know it's in there. :)
Use more cheese, if you're a cheese nut like me. I sprinkled some more on top after everything was mixed up.

pinch tips: How to Season and Care for a Cast Iron Skillet

10 Min
15 Min


eggs, beaten w/ splash of milk & pinch of nutmeg
potatoes (i used 2 red & one white), cut in bite-sized chunks
white onion, diced
red pepper & yellow pepper (sweet kind), diced
cooked links of sausage (i used leftover spicy smoked sausage) cut in bite sized pieces
1/2 lb
cheese, shredded (sharp cheddar is what i used)
paprika, garlic powder, salt, pepper, seasoned salt, parsley, scallions (all optional, but what i used)
tomato, diced

Directions Step-By-Step

Beat the eggs, as mentioned. Set aside. Meanwhile, get an electric skillet (or very large pan) heating w/ about 1 TBS butter & one TBS canola oil. Medium heat.
Add the potatoes & sprinkle w/ some salt. Cook for a couple minutes, tossing around lightly. Then add the onions & peppers & spices. I used Paprika, garlic, seasoned salt, some parsley, & black pepper. Cook until the potatoes & veggies are tender (about 5-10 mins, depending on potato size).
Add the tomato & sausage pieces (remember mine were precooked) & toss around to get it all cooked through. Then, push the potato mixture into a square shape, making a well in the opening. (See picture).
Melt about a tablespoon of butter into the open area. Pour the beaten eggs into the opening & let them cook about 1 min, then begin stirring them w/ a rubber or wooden spatula/spoon. Add some salt & pepper to the eggs. Once they start getting white & firming up just a bit, add the cheese. Once that starts to melt, just stir everything together. It will look like a mash-up of yumminess.
I sprinkled w/ some more black pepper & scallions on top. Dig in! Serve w/ toast or muffins & some fresh fruit.