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gal flour, cornmeal,oatmeal, grits,cereal, pancake mix, biscuit mix, etc
qt almonds, pecans, no walnuts ( will go bad due to the oils in them) etc
qt dehydrated garlic, onions,celery, carrots, corn,peas, peppers,herbs, etc
qt dry beans, rice,pastas ( be sure the is no added oils) etc
qt potato flakes, powder milk

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Pepper's notes for this recipe:
This has been a great way for me to stock up on all the dry goods that are on sale during the holidays.
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Start by cleaning your jars.You can use any size jars as long as it has a rubber gasket inside.Once in a while you will have one or two jars that don't seal; just put them in your pantry and use them up first.With the lid on they are bug free and will be fine.
Turn your oven on to 200 degrees. Next fill your clean DRY jars with dry goods TIP: don't pack down your flour it will clump up and you'll end up sifting it when you use it.Place filled jars on a cookie sheet and slid it in the oven. I like to put the lids in a pie tin and place it in the oven the last 5 mins.But it's not something you have to do.I have found the if the lids are warm the gasket seals better. Now sit back for and hour and take a break.
DING your hour is up, take a towel and place on your counter to place hot jars on.Now take small kitchen towel and start removing your jars one at a time and quickly wipe the rims with a wet paper towel, put lids on and screw down tight.BE VERY CAREFUL JARS WILL BE HOT! Once cool check lids any lids that didn't seal just use them up first.
Your dry goods are now oven canned,bug free, critter free and if stored properly the shelf life is between 20 to 30 years, just like the high dollar stuff. Store your goods in a cool dry place not over 75 degrees


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user Pepper Harris rubycowgirl1 - Sep 7, 2013
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user Stormy Stewart karlyn255 - Feb 23, 2014
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user Sue Lunsford suesmynamebakinsmygame - Feb 26, 2014
Great idea. There's only so much space in the freezer. Thanks for sharing, I'll be passing this on to my children.
user Sue Lunsford suesmynamebakinsmygame - Feb 26, 2014
Pepper, I just saw your hometown. I was there a few years ago with friends. We came to a festival, the town setting is beautiful and there was the most beautiful American Indian mounted on a horse. He was so breathtaking that I had to have a picture. When I saw Westcliffe, it reminded me. I must look up that picture. lol. Thanks for sharing.

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