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Faux Clotted Cream

By Jan Mullikin jmulliki

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Jan's Story

Since clotted cream was banned on import due to mad cow disease, I found a great substitute for it!

A tea house I went to one time shared this with me and I've made it ever since.

Some people call this Devonshire cream I think.


3 oz
cream cheese, room temperature
1 Tbsp
regular granulated sugar
1/8 tsp
1 c
whipping cream

Directions Step-By-Step

In a large bowl, combine all but the whipping cream. Stir well.
Add unwhipped whipping cream.
Beat with a mixer until it's stiff. It should have the texture of bowl margarine or softened butter. Store in refrigerator. (But there won't be any left to store!) I've never used anything but whipping cream for this recipe and also always use brand name of Philadelphia Cream Cheese. I tried the store brand once and it didn't taste as rich. I don't think cool whip would work with this recipe, either.

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Course/Dish: Spreads
Other Tag: Quick & Easy

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Aug 27, 2011 - Monica H shared this recipe with discussion group: Dreams of Cheese
Jan Mullikin jmulliki
Jan 10, 2011
I've lived here most of my life and I love to travel. But I always am happy to come home to Kentucky!
Glad you had a good experience with 'us'!!
Paulita S Pauleta
Jan 10, 2011
It's in little jars, like 4 oz and it's expensive so I'm gonna do a batch of your recipe for sure. We were in Ky for the first time last fall while RV'ing. Lots of really nice folks and some great food. In fact right outside of Jamestown (south KY) I ate the best Mexican food of my life......and that is saying something!

Stay safe in the storm.
Jan Mullikin jmulliki
Jan 10, 2011
Ha! Pauleta, that's funny! That's great he loves Texan/American food now. I think if I had gone through the chemical stuff, burning carcasses, etc., it might temper me off beef for a while. Anyway, am glad the ban is lifted. Did you buy the cream in the jar or was it canned? I'm amazed how good it tastes as some things in a jar/can are not as good. Anyway, I will continue to make the faux cream. Once my daughter had her college friends for a tea and after the tea they sat and ate and ate the cream and begged me to make more so they could take it with them! It was so funny--during the tea they were all dressed up and prim and proper and as soon as people started to leave, they kicked off their shoes, came into the kitchen and started eating leftovers and the cream like nobody's business! We have a winter storm warning for most of KY and it looks like more snow days for me. I teach ESL and we've already had 3 snow days this winter. I'm in Northern Kentucky up by Cincinnati so it will probably be ice with the snow. Have a good week!
Paulita S Pauleta
Jan 9, 2011
Ithink the ban may be lifted. My hubby ordered a case of it a couple of months ago. I thought the hoof and mouth deal was over in the UK. I was there when the horizons were ablaze with burning carcasses and we had to step onto chemical pads at all airports and drive across them in our car. It was terrible. My hubby had a real eye opener of an experiece getting used to Texas food LOL And I owned a Mexican restaurant for years and years, now he eats the salsa like a pro lol