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World's Best Michigan Hotdog Sauce

By Noreen LaTour Noreen58

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Noreen's Story

This is definitely the best Michigan hotdog sauce in the world!! My mother in law got the recipe years ago from a relative and passed it on to me.Everyone who has tried it raves about it!! give it a try.I guarantee you'll absolutely love it too!!


1 lb
1 medium
1 bottle
ketchup (16oz.)
1 Tbsp
1 Tbsp
brown sugar
2 Tbsp
lemon juice
3 Tbsp
worcestershire sauce
1/2 tsp
salt and pepper to taste but not necessary
1 pkg
1 pkg
hotdog rolls

Directions Step-By-Step

Fry hamburg in skillet breaking into pieces as you would for a meat sauce or for sloppy joes.Drain off excess fat after hamburg has cooked.
Mix all the ingredients together (except hotdogs and buns) in a saucepan.Heat on low until just below the boiling point.
Cover and simmer for 30 to 45 minutes.Serve over hotdogs on hotdog rolls.

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Course/Dish: Other Sauces
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    Sherry Peyton SherryPeyton - Mar 8, 2012
    LOL. I spend 47 years in Michigan and I can tell you nobody in Michigan has ever heard of this. But I understand it goes by this name in New England. The well known coney sauces are the Detroit sauces and the Flint sauces. If you want to see what they look like, go to my website and check under Copycate Lafayette Coney Island Sauce. There is a website that has the Flint version which I have not tried. The Layfayette version is perfect, and I ate tons of them in Detoit, so I do know. Best!
  • user
    Noreen LaTour Noreen58 - Mar 10, 2012
    I didn't know people who live in Michigan didn't call this sauce by that name but it makes sense that it is connected to Coney Island and that New Englanders like myself know it as Michigan hotdog sauce.
    are either the Flint or Lafayette versions like my"Michigan" sauce?
    Noreen in Vermont
  • user
    Sherry Peyton SherryPeyton - Mar 10, 2012
    No Noreen, I don't think they are similar. I make the Lafayette variety. I don't think they use ketchup. The flint one uses ground hotdogs. I'd have to look at my recipe, but I think its ground round. You put it in a blender to make it smooth. You are the second New Englander to call it Michigan Sauce so I think its the name there. But it is a variety of coney sauce which is pretty regional itself. As I said. Here is the site for the Michigan coney
  • user
    Noreen LaTour Noreen58 - Mar 13, 2012
    Hi Sherry...Your're the 2nd person to tell me that my hotdog sauce probably is some version of a Coney Island hotdog sauce.That kind of makes sense to me as my Mother in law got the recipe from a relative who I believe lived near NYC.It was my mother in law who called it Michigan hotdog sauce. You're also probably right that the name Michigan sauce is a New England name as everywhere you go here in Vermont where Ilive at least it's called Michigan sauce.I wonder how New Englanders started calling it that especially since we here in New England aren't far from Coney Island & the Big Apple.Perhaps I should start calling it Coney Island sauce & see if I can get the name to stick here in New England.Perhaps I need to open a hotdog stand heh? LOL
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    Sherry Peyton SherryPeyton - Mar 13, 2012
    Yes I tend to agree. Coney Island hotdogs in Coney Island have no resemblance to the sauce used in Michigan. I'm sure it was named that in order to avoid confusion. Makes sense at least. Hope you enjoy the recipes!