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By Stormy Stewart karlyn255

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I worked at a steak house that was only open a couple of years. Their son worked at out back to try to steal their bloomin onion sauce recipe. He never got it. However what he did come up with, was really good and with a lot less ingredients. Only 3 to be exact.


2/3 c
sour cream
1/3 c
1 Tbsp

Directions Step-By-Step

Mix together and let sit at least an hour in the fridge
Is great with onion rings, cheese sticks, jalapeno poppers and french fries

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Course/Dish: Other Sauces
Collection: Restaurant Inspired
Other Tag: Quick & Easy
Hashtag: #copy-cat

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Stormy Stewart karlyn255
Jul 4, 2012
I know that's right. Take care tonight, do niot sit near the windows, LOL!
Nancy J. Patrykus Finnjin
Jul 4, 2012
Our will start at dark...
thats 10PM here in Spokane, WA. Chicago was worse....
all night long...many guns...
Best to leave town!!!
Stormy Stewart karlyn255
Jul 4, 2012
I know what you mean, We plan to stay home also. Raptor hates loud noises even raised voices. The fireworks started two nights ago here but tonight will be the worst. I live on a street with a police officer and still the guy across the street lets off those ones that go into the air. Not a great Idea with our lack of rain. So eric waters down our lawn just before dark just in case. We can't afford a fire.
Nancy J. Patrykus Finnjin
Jul 4, 2012
YES...Like you, both are GREAT cooks...
Have a safe and great 4th...
I stay at puppy is really scared bad..og thunder, or fireworks...
So at night I sit up and hold him in a blanket...
close to my heart...till the noise stops!
Other wise she hides under the bed..shaking and a crying, and won't come out!!..poor baby....Hugs, Nancy
Stormy Stewart karlyn255
Jul 4, 2012
Thanks Nancy. They look wonderful