Mango Jalapeno Jelly

Lisa Mersereau Recipe

By Lisa Mersereau Lmersereau

aprox 7 pint jars
30 Min
45 Min

Some like it hot!!! I like it spicy. This Jelly is not wimpy!! It's got a sweet heat. I use it on crostini's with cream cheese and topped with shrimp. It is wonderful to use as a sauce for chicken or turkey wraps. We use it as a topper for baked Tilapia and as a marinade for Chicken. It has so many uses. My boys like to dip fresh sliced apples in it. Spice things up a bit!!

pinch tips: How to Measure Ingredients


3 c
mango's diced (i use the fresh mango spears found in the produce department at the supermarket)
10 medium
fresh jalapeno's
2 c
apple cider vinegar
6 c
1 pkg
6 oz or both pouches of liquid pectin

Directions Step-By-Step

Sterilize and prepare pint canning jars and lids as directed.
Cut stems off of Jalapeno's. (Be sure to wear plastic gloves.) Cut the Jalapeno's in thirds or quarters. Put cut up Jalapeno's in food processor or blender. Add Mango's and blend until pureed.
In a heavy 6 quart pan add 6 cups sugar and 2 cups apple cider vinegar. Stir over med heat until sugar is dissolved.
Once sugar is dissolved add Mango Pepper mixture. Bring to a rolling boil that you can not stir down for 10 minutes.
Turn off heat and let cool for ten minutes.
Add 6oz or two pouches of the liquid pectin. Bring back up to a rolling boil for 5 minutes. Turn off heat.
Ladle into jars. I use the hot water bath process. Some people just put the lids turn the jars upside down and the lids seal either way.
It takes about 24 hours for the jelly to finish thickening.
Enjoy as a snack with Bagels and Cream cheese. Iuse the jelly to make crostini appetizers and I use it for cooking.

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Diane Hopson Smith DeeDee2011
May 11, 2012
Sounds like my kinda Jelly...this is a save for me. Thanks for sharing!
May 14, 2012 - Lisa Mersereau shared this recipe with discussion groups: Fruited Offerings JAMS, JELLIES, PRESERVES, BUTTERS, AND SPREADS
Linda Knowles Brie
Aug 21, 2012
I make a salsa with mangoes, jalapenos,sweet red pepper, lime juice and cilantro. Wonder if you could add these ingredients to your recipe. The salsa is wonderful and I would love to have it in a jelly. Do you think it would work. Your recipe sounds wonderful. What's not to like with mango and jalapeno!!
Lisa Mersereau Lmersereau
Aug 22, 2012
Linda, I think it would work. Sounds like maybe making it like a Marmalade?
I've got a hot pepper pineapple/orange that I am going to post tonight that worked out best as a Marmalade and not a Jam/Jelly. Sounds delicious. I bet it would work either way.
Linda Knowles Brie
Aug 22, 2012
Thanks Lisa. I will try it your way and mine. I can't wait to see your Hot Pepper Pineapple / Orange that you are going to post tonight. I really love making jams/jellies. I have never made marmalade, but will try yours. That is when we move back into a house! We currently live on our boat, so I miss making all these great recipes!!
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