Brockles Secret Special Dressing

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There are many in the Dallas area who remember Brockles Restaurant and the signature Special Dressing which was so incredibly popular from the 1940's - 70's. I grew up in that area but the restaurant was already gone when I came along. Though I've heard lots about this dressing. It was served on a fresh, crisp wedge of lettuce w/tomatoes and a few saltines. People LOVE this dressing and talk about it to this day! Well the Brockles family has now graciously made the family recipe public. Extremely generous of them .. as they could have made a MINT on this!

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1 pt
jar of hellman's real mayonnaise (not miracle whip)
4 Tbsp
of drained sweet pickle relish
2 tsp
of paprika
1 1/2 oz
of crumbled blue cheese
1-11/2 Tbsp
of garlic powder (adjust as desired for taste)

Directions Step-By-Step

Spoon mayo into a mixing bowl.
Put the relish into a fine mesh strainer & press w/paper towel to eliminate excess liquid.
Add remaining ingredients, each w/a little stirring.
Make sure blue cheese is very well crumbled.
Hand mix to an even color & texture. (a wire wisk works well)
Add another half-tsp of paprika for a little bolder color if desired. Dressing will be very thick.
(If you desire a thinner consistancy you can add a sm amt of buttermilk).
Put finished mix back into cleaned mayonnaise jar or container of your choice.
Keep refrigerated.
(Tastes even better after a few days in fridge)
Will last refrigerated about as long as a jar of mayo (if there's any left;-)
Also great on saltine crackers, hamburgers, crabcakes and sooooo many other things! Enjoy: )

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