The accidental fruit fly killer!!

Candy Hummer Recipe

By Candy Hummer nvmommyx6

No-Cook or Other

I was cleaning a clients house one day and she'd been riddled with those terrible fruit flies!
I got angry with them for being in my way and a general irritant to me getting my job done and sprayed them with the lysol cleaner!
(Pun intended) They dropped like flies, every last one of them!
So I ran right out and bought some of my own LOL


fruit flies
bottle lysol antibacterial kitchen cleaner

Directions Step-By-Step

When you find the flies, spray them!

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Other Non-Edibles
Main Ingredient: Non-Edible or Other
Regional Style: American

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Sharon Colyer Cmom02
Jun 3, 2015
You can use just about anything to kill bugs, if it gets on their faces. It suffocates them, unless they have another way of breathing. Hair spray does usually immobilize them & will suffocate them, as well, if sprayed on their faces. I also learned that ants can keep from drowning for a short time under water. However, if you put dish soap in it they will drown quickly due to suffocation.
Patsy Fowler hellchell1
Apr 8, 2013
I tried this recipe and say it's Family Tested & Approved!
Vicki H imvlh
Jan 30, 2013
LOL! Good story,Candy.
Judy Schlomer 1949apronlady
Aug 26, 2012
Years ago, when my two were very young, I was home with them watching Little House on the Prairie, husband out of state for work. A huge wasp got inside, and when the smart bugger sensed my aggression, he his in the folds of my lace curtains. I couldn't put my little ones to bed until I had that wasp. Quick, think fast, hair spray!! it would immobilize the wasp. That is what happened. They are quick, but a spray gets them. Your mom must have a similar experience, I leave a very small counter fan blowing on the fruit that I leave out, such as apples and bananas.