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I just ran across the neatest website, called
It is a huge menu of different areas of cooking, such as sauces, vinegars, herbs and spices, healthy eating and nutrition - you name it, there is a page for it!

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curious cook, or
frantic question, and
very helpful website:


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1This website will help you answer all of your cooking questions.

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2Such as, What vinegar can I use in place of rice vinegar, and still get the same flavor?
Answer: white (distilled) vinegar or white wine vinegar.

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3Want to know how to make a great basic white sauce?
Interested in the history of mayonnaise?

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4Want to know how to plan healthy, nutritious meals?
Or how about boning, jointing, and trussing poultry?

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5This site is NOT a substitute for Just a Pinch (heaven forbid!), but a place to go quickly and get your questions answered.

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6Have fun cooking!

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