Gingerbread House Without the Gingerbread

Janet Scott


I have several old birdhouses that I pick up at yard sales. Most of them only cost about one dollar.
I was thinking...hummmmmm
Maybe I can use it to replace the gingerbread and decorate it with candy. Saves so much time, no baking, measuring, cutting or gluing!
It's not the ones you can eat but you can have a blast with the kids decorating them. With all the different birdhouses out there I bet you can make many different wonderful looking houses.
After your finished you can spray with a clear lacquer paint then coat with a liquid polyurethane lacquer.
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old bird house
candies to decorate with
sturdy board to attach your house on
white paint, brushes (or a used kitchen sponge)
elmer's glue
clear urethane spray, indoor/outdoor (i use minwax helmsman's brand)
small can of brush on polyurethane fast drying /clear gloss
****you don't have to use the polyurethane, it just helps preserve it for next year and keeps the kiddies from eating it!
****you will need about 3/4 cup royal icing:
3/4 Tbsp
meringue powder
1 c
powdered sugar
1 1/2 Tbsp
warm water


Step 1 Direction Photo

1Here's what the house looked like in the beginning.

The top was missing so I cut two pieces of cardboard and glued it on top.

Step 2 Direction Photo

2Cut your board to the size you want to decorate, make sure not to use one that bends.

<-----here is the board and house. They look pretty bad but not for long!

Step 3 Direction Photo

3paint the board and house white.

Glue the house in the position you want it.
Lucky for me the board I picked had a hole in it, made a tree there!

****You may want to paint your house brown to resemble gingerbread, but be sure to paint it white first so your colors are even.

Step 4 Direction Photo

4Start decorating! You may have to stop and let the glue dry before you put more on.
(I used pretzel rods broke in pieces for a stack of wood)

Right here is where I stopped and will finish when the glue drys.

Step 5 Direction Photo

5Another angle....

Step 6 Direction Photo

6After your glue is dry, mix up your royal icing.

start adding your snow. If it seems too thick add drops of water until it works for what you want.

7After the next day and it's good and dry spray your house and decorations with the urethane spray.

Step 8 Direction Photo

8This is after it's sprayed

Step 9 Direction Photo

9Another view.

10Tips and ideas:
I have glued a windup music to the board, cut a hole in the door for the key to come out. It plays music!

You can also cut a hole out through the bottom of your base board and put in a tiny light bulb (night light size).

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