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Fun Rainbow Crayons

By Jenni K AnCsMom

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Jenni's Story

With little kids, you almost always have broken crayons laying around. Use this to recycle them, or just use unbroken crayons for a fun craft with your child!


silicone candy or cooking mold
crayons, any colors

Directions Step-By-Step

Peel crayons and break them into small pieces.
Fill the cavities of the silicone mold with crayon pieces. Place the mold on a foil-lined baking sheet.
Melt the crayons in a 180 degree oven - about 15 minutes for a small mold, longer for a larger one. (Mine actually took about 45 minutes)
Remove the mold from the oven, and let the crayons cool before popping them out. To speed up cooling time, place the mold in the fridge for 15-20 minutes.

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Melissa D Mimi73
Oct 30, 2011
Jenni, thanks for the tip! I have had a silicone cupcake mold for about 2 years and never used it, so I will be using it for the crayons. Target always has cool silicone molds for $1 and now that I have this recipe I will buy some more! Thank you again :)
Jodie Horrocks jodiemo
Oct 30, 2011
What a fun idea! My grandkids will love these and will love to "help" make them!
Thank you for sharing!
Jenni K AnCsMom
Oct 30, 2011
You're welcome! Just a tip, though... The pan doesn't clean up very well, so you might want to designate a pan just for crayons.
Melissa D Mimi73
Oct 29, 2011
Thank you for sharing this recipe, my daughter will love it! Much better than the Crayola crayon maker!!
Oct 25, 2011 - Eve Anderson(AKA-POETGRL) shared this recipe with discussion group: THE CRAFT NOOK!