Bread Dough Ornaments

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Serves: couple dozen
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4 c flour
1 c salt
1 1/2 c water
1 pkg paintbrushes
1 pkg ornament hangers
1 roll of ribbon for hanging
hot glue and glue gun

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JoSele's notes for this recipe:
When my kids were little I would have my kids and the whole neighborhood in my house and we would be making bread dough ornaments...I had the paints and all of the tools to make them....They make great heirlooms to hand down to the family...Plus they had lots of fun making them..I had fun too..It was something that they were very proud of....GREAT MEMORIES!!!!!

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Package of paint brushes
Preheat oven to 275* Ungreased cookie sheet, garlic press, toothpicks, straws, butter knife, cookie cutter shapes, icing bag and tips, and a bowl of water...Lots of patients and an imagination....
Mix flour and salt together in a bowl, gradually add water to mixture, stir with wooden spoon till ball forms place ball of dough on floured board or pastry sheet, knead for 10 minutes, till dough is not tacky any more....
Roll dough out to a little less than 1/4 inch...dip cutters into flour before cutting...If doing a sheep like I have here it is free hand, One ball size of super ball for the body and the head is the size of small cotton ball to stick them together dampen your finger and rubber in on one end and attach together by using a bit of pressure, so that they meld....the ears will be from small pieces of dough and dampen fingers and repeat the attachment..The legs are done the same, the wool you will rub a little bit of water on the top of the lamb and use the garlic press to squeeze the dough through and cut off with a knife as you go...use the straws and toothpicks to make indentations in the dough for a nose and such....
Before baking use toothpicks to make hole in the top for ribbon hangers or use hot glue to attach wire hangers after baking...
For colored dough add a little food coloring to some of the dough or just use acrylic paint after you have baked them and let them cool...Don't use too much water because the dough will not adhere to the other and will become useless...
Decorate as you wish...Bake for 1 hour and 20 minutes at 275*
You can use acrylic paints and varnish for the sheen...Use your imagination

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user JoSele Swopes JODIE57 - Oct 3, 2010
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user Nancy R Robeyone - Oct 3, 2010
How sweet and cute!!!!!!
user Carmen Gonzales shweetpotato - Oct 3, 2010
adorable :)
user Sally Wimberley sassysally57 - Oct 4, 2010
I have been married 29 years and when we were young and and had few resources-- I had the best time making these ornaments- my girl were very young... and they are still 95% going strong even this year! I just zip lock them up post holidays. I used cookie cutter with "impression" for angels, snowmen, etc-- then I free formed some figures as well- like our cat of the day...long since gone but remembered each Christmas!
user Donna Brown gabbiegirl - Oct 4, 2010
So cute, JoSele, and those memories are so precious.

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