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1*Welcome to my little corner of the world!

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3I love to make these windchimes. Here are two of my wind chimes that hang on my back patio. This windchime is the larger one and has silver serving pieces: spatula, spoon, fork, a candle lopper and salad tongs.

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4This is the smaller one. The base is made from an old silver candy dish and has a great collection of silver forks and spoons. So, gather up your old silverware and make a lovely keepsake for a friend. Enjoy!

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5My wheelbarrow planter. Another $5 find from a garage sale in CA.

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6Gold lizard

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7Green lizard

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8My Tried and True Recipes group

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10Arthur and Maxine--hearts of my heart. Oldest grandchildren.

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11Sheridan and Trevor--my sweet hearts. Youngest grandchildren.

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12Sheridan and Trevor--sweet little boys

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13This lovely lady is my little Grandma from KY, and is my Dad's mother. She had a very positive influence over my life. She was very religious and very kind. She liked to cook.

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14Dad and the double rainbow

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15Dad in the RV in Las Vegas.

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16My Mom and Dad when they were young. She was 21 and he was 22 in this photo.

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17Here is me ! I loved sailors. I was a war baby, and there were lots of them around. If I saw one, I would start singing "Bell bottom trousers, coats of navy blue." It attracted a lot of sailors who would then gather around my mother and I. This did not please Dad.

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18Phoebe is 3 years old and a black cockapoo. She has unique white eyebrows, and is a very comical dog. She loves to dance in the kitchen. She will go outside and bring Chantilly in if I ask her to.

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19Chantilly is 15 years old and acts like a puppy. She is the queen, and doesn't let you forget it. She is a white cockapoo. We call them the Oreo kids. Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts. May I always be the kind of person my dogs think I am!

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21Home Sweet Home

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22Summer rain

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23The courtyard

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24Come on inside and sit a spell

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26Where the cooking happens

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27Cookbooks--This is only half of my collection of over 400. I love to sit in here and ponder over recipes with a cup of hazelnut chocolate coffee close by.

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