Paczki is his Name, Thank You All!

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Feb. 10th, 2015 --UPDATE
Back on April 20th, 2011 we decide to purchase another dog. So, I posted this as a request for naming our male Schoodle whose coat is a chocolate merle with four different swirls of brown. The women were gracious to give their input and in the end I finally arrived at calling him Paczki after the famous Polish donut that my husband loves so much. We sure had fun going thru all the name

Calling all Dog Lovers!
First, I am so excited to be getting another little Schnoodle. I have really bad allergies and these dogs do not shed. Plus, they are as loving as can be.

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Step 1 Direction Photo

1This is Rumor with her litter of puppies born on 4-20-11

Step 2 Direction Photo

2a pic of the 4 little brothers and sisters together.

Step 3 Direction Photo

3This is a pic on 4/21/11 --- Chocolate Merle Male born at 4:10 pm 6.1 oz.

Step 4 Direction Photo

4One week later on 4/29/11 weighing in at 13.1 oz.

Step 5 Direction Photo

52 weeks later on 5/6/11 weighing in at 1 lb. 6.1 oz.

Step 6 Direction Photo

63 weeks later on 5/14/11 weighing in at 1 lb. 13.2 oz.

Step 7 Direction Photo

74 weeks later on 5/19/11 weighing in at 2 lbs 1.8 oz.

Step 8 Direction Photo

85 weeks later on 5/27/11 ---This is the week we went to see the little guy. He is so tiny and fits in one hand.

Step 9 Direction Photo

96 weeks on 6/3/11 He weighs 2 lbs and 12.6 oz.

Step 10 Direction Photo

10At 9 weeks old we finally went to pick up the little guy. Oh, is he so cute!! He looks like he is frosted. His hair reminds me of the 80's and how frosting your hair was a big thing back then. LOL Well, I will post 2 or 3 pics and then try to get a better one tomorrow.

Step 11 Direction Photo

11Paczki's first bath at home.

Step 12 Direction Photo

12Tibby and Paczki laying together on the couch.

Step 13 Direction Photo

13Treat time...who wants a bisquit?

Step 14 Direction Photo

14Who has something to say? Paczki!!

Step 15 Direction Photo

15Do you love me? Do you really really love me? Yes, Paczki I love you. I really really love you.

Step 16 Direction Photo

16How am I supposed to get any recipes typed onto JAP with this little guy on my lap; fast asleep. lol

Step 17 Direction Photo

177 -25-11 Gettin' my hair cut and now weighing in at 6 pds. I am half my Sissy's size now. ruff ruff

Step 18 Direction Photo

18Are U lookin' at me?!

Step 19 Direction Photo

19Look into my are getting sleepy very sleepy...

Step 20 Direction Photo

20Posin' Paczki

Step 21 Direction Photo

21Paczki at 6 months old and already bigger than Sissy.

Step 22 Direction Photo

22Paczki singing...."Ohhh Solo Mio"...LOL

Step 23 Direction Photo

23Paczki's Christmas pictures for 2011 under the tree....he is our tiny little reindeer. haha

Step 24 Direction Photo

24February 10th, 2015 --- Thought I would give a picture update and let you know that Paczki will soon be 4 years old in April. He is an extremely good boy and never wants to get into trouble like his sister Tibby. He is very dignified and thinks he is royalty. Or at least he acts that way. LOL

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