Orange Candle

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By Terrie Hoelscher Blessed1

5 Min

When I eat an orange, I usually try to zest it a little bit beforehand, and freeze the zest, so I will have some on-hand, when needed.
Well, here's another use for the skin of a fresh orange .... and this is just plain CLEVER! I 'stole' it from someone else, and sort of played with it 'til I got it right.
I made one today, and it has been burning for almost 10 hours already! Sheesh!


1 c
cooking oil, any type
ceramic plate or dish
you can also use a grapefruit, or small clementines
or "cuties" ... as long as it's something that will sit level!!

Directions Step-By-Step

Cut an orange in-half, horizontally.
Scoop out all the orange fruit, scraping it away from the sides, leaving a thick wall of the white pith.
DO NOT CUT AWAY THE STEM IN THE MIDDLE. Leave it intact - this will be your candle wick!
Remove any scraggly ends of the stem "wick", and sort of form the "wick" into a nice straight, single piece.
Fill the orange half with oil [any type of cooking oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, etc.], almost to the top, but about 1/4" below the top of the stem "wick". Allow to sit for about 30 - 45 minutes, for the "wick" to absorb some of the oil.
Use a long-stemmed lighter, like a Bic Torch or similar, and continue to hold flame on the "wick" until it lights. It won't light immediately. This takes a little while, so you won't be able to light it with a regular match the first time.
After the "wick" has finally caught and burned, you will be able to blow it out and re-start it very easily. But that first time, it takes patience.

Enjoy your candle!

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Terrie Hoelscher Blessed1
Aug 27, 2013
Great ideas on ways to hold the candle level! Thanks for your comments,RS and Michelle. Glad you're having fun with it! :o)
Michelle Gauthier orchidmg
Aug 27, 2013
I used coconut oil (I no longer cook with veggie oil). So the smell is nice and calming. It's on my kitchen table.
Michelle Gauthier orchidmg
Aug 27, 2013
I did do this 2 weeks ago and the orange peel has not molded yet. I put the other half in the freezer. I did tho light a pillar candle and put a few drops of melted wax on the small plate to adhere the orange to it so it didn't move. That worked great. And I used coconut oil instead of veggie oil. So I have a nice smell in my kitchen area.