DIY Mason Jar Floating Candles

Penny Hall Recipe

By Penny Hall FantasyFaery54

As many as needed
30 Min

Affordable and Easy wedding or party lighting

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1 jar(s)
mason jar or more, per need

Directions Step-By-Step

This mason jar centerpiece is easy-to-DIY for your wedding! Adding candlelight creates a romantic atmosphere, and these mason jars will add a rustic and whimsical touch. Buy mason jars (you can buy them in bulk here for about $1 each) and fill with water. Tie a decorative ribbon or string to the top of the jar with a secure bow. Place a floating candle (preferably long burning) in each jar and group approximately 3-4 jars together on each table. Light each candle and enjoy!

**EB TIP: These can also be made into favors. Use the mason jars to light the entire outdoor reception, and add a tag to the handle with your name and wedding date. During the reception, instruct guests they may each take one mason jar lantern home. My sister did this for her wedding and it was such a fun idea!

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Anna Sciancalepore Antoniello CiaoBella
Jul 5, 2011
So pretty. I think I'll try this next time we are hanging out on the porch. Thanks.
Aug 27, 2011 - Penny Hall shared this recipe with discussion group: Weddings, Showers, and Party Recipes/Ideas
Deborah Smith countercook
Jan 23, 2012
I love this idea ... thanks so much for sharing!!
Penny Hall FantasyFaery54
Jan 23, 2012
Your welcome Deborah!
Deborah Barr DeStCh
Apr 1, 2012
It looked like there were some clear glass marbles in the bottom of the jar. Another idea would be to use colored glass marbles or even rocks.....perhaps to accent the color of the wedding. I like this idea....gonna make some for myself. Thanks for sharing it!
Nikki Brunsvik Nikkibruns
Sep 11, 2012
I think I will do this for a christmas/neighbor gift.
Lynn Beenken mrsbeenk
May 1, 2013
Just FYI - My DIL did these on the tables for my grandson's baptism. They used the older antique blue canning jars. They had the jars quite full with cold water. I'm not sure if they used floating candles or just tea lights, but the tops of the jars all cracked and some even completely broke off. They were speculating if the candle got too close to the edge with the jars so full and the flame right up against the shoulder of the jar as it curved in - combined with the cold water?? We are totally not sure what combination caused the breakage. No one was hurt, but it was disappointing to lose all of those antique jars
Michelle Gauthier orchidmg
Jun 30, 2013
I love candles and am always looking for more DIY ideas to display them. I have a few mason jars in different sizes from a previous craft idea.

I noticed in the picture you added some clear crystal stones in the bottom. Very nice. I'm having a get together in 2 weeks with some friends to swap beauty products and I'm going to make these. Since my family room has many blue things in it, I'm thinking of putting blue crystal stones in them and tie blue ribbons around the edge. I'm odd, my friends say, but I'm into color themes. There's unlimited options with these candle holders.
Michelle Gauthier orchidmg
Jun 30, 2013
Am doing 3 of these in 2 weeks for a get together with some girlfriends. Will add blue crystal stones and tie a blue ribbon on top.