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No need to pay the price for the oatmeal bath packets at the pharmacy. You can make your own easily! Works great for eczema, psoriasis, poison ivy, chicken pox, etc.
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Place the oatmeal in the sock/nylon. Fit the opening of the sock over the faucet of your bathtub. Secure with a rubber band. Run a warm bath through the oameal in the sock, occasionally squeezing the sock to release as much of the oatmeal starch as possible into your bath water. While water is running, add the other ingredients. Soak for 30 min.

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user cindy sandberg cindyLs - May 7, 2012
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user Karen Caudle klc - May 7, 2012
Thanks so much for sharing this. I'm going to try it tonight when I bathe for my itchy skin.
user Kathi Hamill Gally13kms - May 3, 2013
Just found this recipe. I have been itching like CRAZY, and this sounds like exactly what I need! Thanks for sharing!
user cindy sandberg cindyLs - May 4, 2013
Hope it helps~
user Alex Burton LexBurt - Jun 10, 2013
Tried this last night and it worked wonders for my scalp psoriasis. I'll be using it again. Just be sure if you have a shower/bath combo that you're careful when you next step into the shower--the oil makes the tub surface slippery.

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