Other Non-Edible Recipes

2BHK Apartment in Pune Recipe

2BHK Apartment in Pune

By Smith King
Seasons Hospitality provides one of the best services in hotel sector. Be it a business visit...

My Favorite Slicer Recipe

My Favorite Slicer

By Albert Reynolds
This slicer belonged to my momma. I remember her using it over 50 years ago, when...

Tina's Gunk Remover Recipe

Tina's Gunk Remover

By Tina Swain
This is a nice, easy compound to remove the gunk that seems to build up around...

Drip Coffee Maker Cleaner Recipe

Drip Coffee Maker Cleaner

By Annacia *
How many of us think about cleaning our entire coffee maker on a regular basis? It's...

List of Spices and Herbs: Their uses and Descri Recipe

List of Spices and Herbs: Their uses and Descri

By Eileen Hineline
Spices are so important to cooking and baking, certian spices for certian foods, brings out excellent...