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Patricia's notes for this recipe:
This is a neat shortcut for busy cooks! The finished product reminds me of the great turkey dinners my grandmother prepared when I was a kid. For me, that's the ultimate endorsement.
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This is a really cool way to prepare your holiday turkey. It really keeps the turkey moist but it also browns the turkey evenly. I like the fact that is also keeps the oven clean!


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user Steve Young HotDill - Nov 6, 2009
Great recipe! Thanks for sharing with us.
user Townes Duncan Townes - Dec 3, 2009
We tried this for Thanksgiving. Wonderful! Really kept the turkey moist and flavorful. THe best Thanksgiving turkey I can remember.
user Laura Young ladyofthelake - Dec 12, 2009
Our daughter-in-law cooked the turkey in a bag for Thanksgiving. The recipe was very much like this one. She had marinated the turkey in a brine solution before cooking. It was very moist and was delicious.
user kimberly neumann kimbles - Dec 13, 2009
I heard this wasn't safe..... sounds like all of you made it through Thanksgiving though!!LOL Must be safe enough!!!
user Pauline Greenwood SugarCookie - Dec 14, 2009
I've used this method to great success... and seemingly very little danger. ;) What have you heard is unsafe about this, Kimberly?

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