Smokr's Slow Smoked Pork Spare Ribs

Raphe Reeves Recipe

By Raphe Reeves Smokr

4 Hr
6 Hr

Purchased pork from "Tag'z 5 Star Meats" in Murfreesboro, TN. A great selection and great people. Mike, Trish, Mary Beth & Sarah will keep you coming back. True professionalism !!

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I've used this recipe several times and everyone loves the outcome. I usually smoke one rack dry and then wet down one rack about a hour before they come out of the smoker. I like'm dry, most of the time, but my wife likes hers with the sauce on during the last hour of the smok'n process. It's "your" choice...

And, don't forget the vino. I like a nice inky purple Syrah or a Red Zinfandel with a little white pepper finish. Or you can go with white wines: Gruner Veltliner, Sauvignon Blanc or Viognier.

Cheers to all...

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Blue Ribbon Recipe

Notes from the Test Kitchen:
These are the perfect treat for a hot, summer day. Fire up the grill and get ready for some of the best ribs you've ever had!


1/2 c
brown sugar
1/4 c
1 Tbsp
black pepper, fine
1 Tbsp
kosher salt
1 Tbsp
chili powder
3/4 Tbsp
garlic powder
3/4 Tbsp
onion powder
1/4 tsp
cayenne pepper

Directions Step-By-Step

I start out with the ribs (2 full racks) on a cookie sheet, or the like, and keep them wet with Apple Cider Vinegar for about 4 or 5 hours. I use an inexpensive spray bottle and just keep spraying them intermittently during this time.
During the time you're keeping them wet with the vinegar, go ahead and mix the rub ingredients in a mixing bowl.
Afterwards, I'll lightly coat both sides of the ribs with pulp free orange juice.
Next, I apply basic Yellow Mustard, lightly, to both sides of the slab/s.
Lastly, I apply the "rib rub" (see ingredients) evenly to both sides of the slab, the extra on the meat side.
Now, it's time to wrap them in aluminum foil and refrigerate overnight. I keep them in the fridge for 12 - 18 hours.
Cooking day:
Take the ribs out of the fridge at least two full hours before you plan to put them on the cooker/smoker. They need to be at room temperature before placing in/on the cooker/smoker.
I like to smoke the ribs at a temp no higher than 220 degrees F. "Low & Slow"
I'll cook the ribs for about 90 mins, not turning nor opening the cooker. You can spray the ribs with the Apple Cider Vinegar while they cook, if you wish, to help keep them moist.
Then, I'll take them out and wrap them in aluminum foil for the next 90 mins.
At the 3 hour mark, I'll remove the foil and cook the remaining time. Based on your temp, it'll take another 3 - 4 hours. When you start to see the rib bone exposed from the meat about 1/4 to 1/2 inch, you're getting close. I insert a toothpick between the meat and the bone. When the toothpick will push, easily, the full length of the toothpick down into the meat, you're very close to done.
Note: If I'm cooking a rack wet, then I'll start to apply the sauce during the last hour or so of cooking. I don't mind if the sugar in the sauces blackens just a smidge.....

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Pork, Ribs
Main Ingredient: Pork
Regional Style: American
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Brian Smith Brian
Nov 10, 2009
sounds good - when's the next batch going to be ready?
Raphe Reeves Smokr
Jun 28, 2010
BS, it's looking like July 1st.... And that's no BS. :-)
Paul Bushay chefbunyan
Jun 29, 2010
Raphe, what kind of wood do you use for smoking? I bought 3 slabs of fresh unsmoked bacon about 3 weeks ago and used a combination of plain charcoal, maple sawdust and chips. I soaked the slabs in a salt and maple (the real stuff) syrup brine over night and it made the BEST bacon I have ever had
Jun 30, 2010
Thanks for the details! Some recipes are rather hard to follow, but you've got it fully explained. I am a novice and need good instruction :-)
Shannon Smith Shannon
Jul 1, 2010
These look delicious! I am going to go buy some ribs which I know will get Brian out to the smoker to try these. Can't wait to see these on tv tomorrow!
P.S. Ralph's Famous Spare Ribs - j/k!
Raphe Reeves Smokr
Jul 2, 2010
Paul Bshay, Hello. If I can find cherry, apple or pecan, that's what I like to use with pork. If not, I'll use a lesser portion of hickory so as not to overpower the meat. And, if you're cooking on a propane cooker, you can still soak the wood overnight in water and then wrap it in heavy duty alum foil, punch some holes in the foil and then place it directly over the heat/burner to get it smoking. And, keep the ribs on the indirect side of the grille. Happy 4th weekend...
Paul Bushay chefbunyan
Jul 2, 2010
Hi Raphe

Thanks! Hey if you have a Barbecues Galore store around your neighborhood they sell wood for smoking! I was a chef for 36 years and the only reason I'm not working anymore is because I had a bad heart attack in Jan. and the doctors disabled me so now I sit home and play with my smoker all day!
Raphe Reeves Smokr
Jul 2, 2010
Not familiar with that store. Sometimes I'll order the small bags of chips from an internet site. I've been into wine and cooking (more seriously) since 2004. Mostly weekends as it's a hobby. You can see some of my work on my blogs at:, on Facebook at unWine'd and at .
Kitchen Crew JustaPinch
Jul 2, 2010
Janet awarded this recipe a Blue Ribbon!

These are the perfect treat for a hot, summer day. Fire up the grill and get ready for some of the best ribs you've ever had!
Nancy R Robeyone
Jul 5, 2010
Great picture, we boil ours in a myriad of marinades for 2 hours and slap them on the grill at the end. I can not wait to try your rub and do it your way!!!! And Paul is right google BBQ's Galore and go on line great store.
Oct 9, 2011 - Kim Biegacki shared this recipe with discussion group: Some Like It Hot -- Muy Caliente!
Mary Dooley JustBcause
May 20, 2014
You said to not open the smoker door but to spray the ribs to keep them moist. I am sorry, but that confuses me. I don't know how I would smoke the ribs in my smoker and spray them without opening the smoker door. Sorry if I sound dense, but these sound so good and want to try them. Thank you so much!
Joyce Stone Joyce_Stone
May 20, 2014
I wondered the same thing......sounds good tho...
Diana Caldwell paflaglady
May 20, 2014
It says you can spray them "if you wish". If that's the way you want to do it, then you would have to open the door to do it.