Neckbones and Noodles

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Serves: Several
Cooking Method: Stove Top


3-4 lb neckbones
salt to taste
pepper to taste
1 or 2 bay leaves,dried
1 lb egg noodles

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Billie's notes for this recipe:
This is an old family favorite. You can use your preferred cooking method, ie. slow boil, slow cooker, etc. The neckbones can be smoked or plain. You can also choose your preference of neckbones, whether it be beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, etc.
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Season neckbones to taste and place in a pot big enough to be able to cover with about 2 inches of water.
Place over medium heat and cook until meat is falling off of the bone easily. Remove neckbones from broth.
Add egg noodles to water and cook until al dente.
When noodles are done you can put the meat from the neckbones or the whole neckbones back in with noodles or serve separately. ENJOY!!!

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user Bobby Webb Bobdoescooking - Nov 1, 2013
Hi Billie, long time since you have been on J.A.P., What's kicking girl!!! I used neckbone to season my spaghetti sauce to make spaghetti...It's great for spaghetti...PINCHED...BOBBY:)
user Andy Anderson WichitaChef - Nov 26, 2013
Pauline :-(

What is your game?
user Billie Neal WildExpectation - Nov 26, 2013
Thank you CHEF Andy, MY FRIEND!!!
user Andy Anderson WichitaChef - Nov 26, 2013
Well, Pauline… just to let you know my father LOVED the neck bones…
user Cheryl Campagna WannaBLikeUMom - Nov 26, 2013
My grandmother used to make neck bones all the time! We seem to have a shortage of them right now, but once I get my hands on some I will have to try this!

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