Peggi Anne Tebben


I've been cleanin' & fryin' frog legs since I could reach high enough on the stove.Well, actually, I used a chair & stood on my knees.

The first time my Daddy brought a mess home for me to clean & cook, he never told me that you had to cut the leader behind each knee, so to speak, so they didn't come back to life & start jumpin' all over the place. I was only about 7 then. It scared the livin' daylights out of me when they literally jumped out of the pan. I don't mean they got up & walked off, they just started popping out of the fryin' pan. Only took me one time to learn how to cut that leader or chord in the legs. Mom & Dad couldn't stop laughing at me.

To say that frog legs taste like chicken as so many say, does not do them justice. When prepared properly, you will prefer them over chicken any day. Here's how I do it. I also fixed these in restaurants.

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cleaned frog legs with the back leader cut
1 c
1/2 tsp
1/2 tsp
coarse pepper
1 c
1 stick
real butter
2 Tbsp
canola oil
california style garlic salt/parsley- add about 3 tablespoons of accent or msg to a container of this ( use on everything)


1Mix egg & buttermilk.
2Add the frog legs & let set about 15 minutes or so while you get the other stuff ready.
3Heat butter & canola oil in cast iron skillet on medium high heat until hot. Don't overheat as butter burns easily.
4Take frog legs from buttermilk mix & dip in flour that salt & pepper have been added to, one at a time & press the flour onto them to stick on there. Lay on waxed paper until all of them are coated.
5Starting with the first leg you floured, dip in flour again & press & shake of excess & place in ready frying pan. Don't crowd them in pan or they won't brown properly.
6Turn heat to medium, so they don't burn. You want to brown them slowly.
7Brown on one side slowly. Turn & sprinkle with the Garlic season. Brown the other side.
8Transfer onto paper towels to drain. Enjoy!!

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