Smoked pork roast

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This roast has an amazingly sweet, slightly hot zing to it!

I just love multiple cooking, if I’m BBQ~ing I try to put a roast on or I’ll do wings and then freeze whatever I’ve cooked till I figure out what I’ll make with them. Sure saves lots of time.

I’ll post the recipe when I decide what I’ll do with this beauty! Stayed tuned!!

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15 Min
4 Hr


2 & ½ to a 3 pound pork roast {leave the fat on …fat = flavor }
1 cup firmly packed dark brown sugar
1 cup sriracha hot sauce
1 cup bourbon
1 bunch green onions sliced thin { about 10 } using the white and light green parts


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1Mix the first 3 ingredients together till the brown sugar is completely dissolved.

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2Then add the green onion and mix again.

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3Pour this over the roast and refrigerate for several hours or overnight.

4Get your BBQ screaming hot.

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5Put a pan under where the roast will be and put some water in it. This will add some extra moistness to the roast. Then put the roast in a heat safe pan.

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6Smoke it { uncovered } but keep the top of the BBQ down unless you are adding charcoal or basting the pork, using the indirect cooking method, off to one side of the BBQ away from the direct heat.

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7Every 30 to 45 minutes check the coals { adding more as necessary } and spoon the marinade over the roast and give it ¼ turn.

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8After 2 hours of turning the basting the roast, flip it over. Let this go for 1 & ½ hours turning it a ¼ turn each time and continue to baste it.

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9The final cooking time will consist of turning the roast back the way you started it, baste it one more time, poke holes in the pan with the roast and let the marinade drain out of the pan. Let the roast go for another 30 minutes. COOKING TIME WILL DEPEND ON THE SIZE OF THE ROAST AND HOW HOT YOUR BBQ IS.

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10Let the roast cool and now you have choices on what to do with it, you could make pulled pork sandwiches by making some BBQ sauce { or you can use you favorite store brand } get the sauce hot and shred the pork and add it to the sauce. Let this simmer for about 15 minutes.

11Then get some really good bread and slice it. Load it up with the pulled pork and top it with homemade coleslaw!
Or you could do a stir fry or add it to soup…let your imagination run wild!

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