Italian Sausage and Brussel Sprouts Dinner

Morgan Lewis


This recipe is of my own creation of foods I love. Everyone who tries it loves it! It may seem really bad for you but you just eat a few scoops of the main dish over pasta so it's not that bad. Also, you can remove the bacon and use chicken sausage to make it healthier.

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15 Min
1 Hr


elbow macaroni, cooked
italian sausage, hot
1 lb
brussel sprouts
butter, melted
1 large
4 slice
chicken bouillon
olive oil
white onion
chili flakes


1Boil half a package of macaroni in well salted water, drain, set aside to dry a bit, mix in butter
Cook 3 strips of bacon crisp, remove from pan
Add 4 hot italian sausages and fry in bacon fat til done, remove and allow to cool, slice
Meanwhile dice half a white onion, clean and slice brussel sprouts lengthwise, add to a big bowl toss with salt, pepper, red chili flakes and chicken bullion powder if desired (if skipping the bacon then this would be the moment to add olive oil)
add all to meat drippings in pan and stir, covering all in fat or oil
turn heat up to medium high and don't move them around
2Once they start to char stir them and turn heat down
Cook til brussel sprouts are almost tender
Dice up one large heirloom tomato or hot house and add to pan, cover and cook til it breaks down and the brussel sprouts are really tender and have soaked up some tomato juice
3Add sausage and bacon back to skillet
Stir all together
To plate, place a few spoonfuls of pasta in a bowl and place skillet mixture on top
Top with cheese if desired

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