Grilled Chipotle Shrimp (Camarones Asados al Pincho)

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By Juliann Esquivel Juliann

3 or 6
30 Min
10 Min

If you like shrimp this is the dish for you. Spicy and so Good.
The shrimp come out juicy and so flavorful. This is a fast and easy grilled dish. when I am unable to use the grill I put shrimp under the broiler about 2 minutes on each side and I am done. I add a Fruity tamarind, mango & pinapple salsa with a rice dish, accompanied with sweet fried plantains on the side. You can bet it's over the top. Enjoy

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30 large
jumbo shrimp, shelled and devined
2 tsp
chipotle powder seasoning
2 tsp
garlic powder
1/2 tsp
cumin powder
1 tsp
salt and black pepper
~~~~chipotle sauce~~~~
4 clove
2 large
jalapenos seeded and devined, chopped into chunks
1 medium
seet vidalia onion cut into fourths
3 Tbsp
fresh lime juice
1 large
serranos cut into chunks
1/2 c
cilantro chopped
2 Tbsp
olive oil
1 Tbsp
3 large
chipotles from the can with about all the juice from the can
1/2 tsp
ground cumino
1/2 tsp
salt & pepper

Directions Step-By-Step

First season you cleaned shrimp on both sides with garlic powder ,chipotle powder or chipotle seasoning, salt, pepper, and cumin and set aside.
In a large pyrex measuring cup I have a really big one; or a big deep ceramic dish put in quarted onions, cut peppers, two garlic cloves, save the other two. and pour about 1 cup water over everything. Nuke in the microwave for five minutes. Next take out drain water and pour the veggies in a blender, with the lime juice, honey, cilatro, olive oil, 2 remaining cloves garlic, chipotles and their juice from the can, cumino, salt and pepper, process until smooth; about 1 minute.
now take some wooden squiwers and put five shrimp on each one. Stick squiwer through the tail and across to the top off the shrimp. Do six wooden squiwers with five to a squiwer. (I know I am not spelling that right) With a pastry brush, brush each shrimp real well with the chipotle sauce front and back. if grilling outside lay each squiwer on the grill and grill about 2 minutes on each side. If you are broiling lay across a large cookie sheet and set under the broiler for two minutes; take out turn over and do the other side two more minutes. Serve on top of your favorite rice along with fried sweet plantains and a fruity tamarind, mango and pinapple salsa. Such as I have in the picture above. Enjoy

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Kim Biegacki pistachyoo
Jun 9, 2011
Oh, it is over the top to say the least. I want to make your cilantro rice and I saw the shrimp with it, so now I am looking at this recipe too. hehe I make some Mexican food but your recipes seem to be out of my league. I want to try...I am also afraid to cut up the peppers too. lol ---- I used to live in San Antonio, Tx and still remember having a job interview for Pace Company and how they had to wear gloves and all. I couldn't work there my nose was burning while I had the interview. Not only that, when you drive by the place and you are on the freeway you can smell the peppers. hehe
OK, so maybe I can talk my husband into cutting up these peppers. Just how hot are the serranos? I love all your recipes and I hope I brave up and try to make some of them. For now, I just look at your pictures and recipes in admiration. :-) It may be a crash and burn at first...I will let you know. Kim
Juliann Esquivel Juliann
Jun 13, 2011
Hi Kim In answer to your question Serranos are hotter then jalapenos. I use serranos and jalapenos in my salsa recipes together when I want alot of heat. They are tasty though. If you don't like to much heat use only one or two. After slicing lengthwise take a teaspoon slide it from the the top where the stem is all the way down to remove the seeds. try not to get any of the seeds or membranes on your hands. Once the seeds have been scraped out dice up and use in your recipes or roast over a flame to char and sweat in a freezer bag then use in your salsa. Try one in your salsa if to hot don't add anymore. If you want heat add one more. Anyway good luck. LOL
Kim Biegacki pistachyoo
Jun 13, 2011
Juliann, Thank you so much for all the info on the peppers. I must ask my husband to cut these up. I will get back with you on how it goes. Thanks, Kim